Welcome to our website!

This website is an initiative of various synodical committees of the (Netherlands) Reformed Congregations. The work we are doing is founded upon the Bible, the infallible Word of God,
and is distinctly Reformed and Calvinistic.

Our synodal committees have translated and published a treasure worth of Christian reading material into various languages over the past years.

However, we notice that the target audiences for whom these books were published are often unaware of the available material. Organisations seeking to provide people with Christian reading material also often do not have at the ready what material is available in which language.

We aim to create a central point from which reading material that is already available can be offered to a specific language group, by creating a digital platform for these texts.

This website is still in development. We do have a page with Hebrew and Russian books.
We are currently working on the Arabic webpage and a page for Telugu reading material.

You can request many of the texts for free or download them as an e-book, such as the Russian
e-books. (In order to read e-books you can use the Adobe Digital Editions computer program
(for example). You can download this program here.) We ask for a small reimbursement for Hebrew books. Books that have not been made freely available have a link to the publisher where they can be ordered.

For more information about books in English in Ghana look unto www.drtsghana.org

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